Aiseyman! Is the arrest of Zulfikar Shariff a sign of failure of our civil society to curb dangerous extremist ideology?

I know Zulfikar from the early years of when we both were volunteers in a Muslim organisation. I had many interactions with him and has no doubt that he holds extreme views. While he coddles to opposition political figures in the name of ‘human rights’, he violates those principles by agreeing with, for example, punishments such as death for

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“I’m Malay but that doesn’t automatically mean that I’m also a Muslim”

Malay community

The problem living in Singapore as a Malay is that people assume that you’re a Muslim. And language like this continues to promote the idea that if you’re Malay you’re Muslim. Anti Muslim bigotry, while I’ve never faced it here because I’ve not been a Muslim for 16 years and from what I’ve seen those who cry the loudest about

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Aiseyman! Mosques get criticised for displaying banner with Chinese New Year greetings siol!

First, Muslims are not allowed to express Christmas greetings to others, and now some Muslims are apparently upset with a couple of mosques that have put up banners wishing our fellow Chinese Singaporeans a Happy Chinese New Year. What is it with these group of Muslims who like pour cold water on others’ festive joy? These people are questioning if

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Aiseyman! Local Ustaz says that establishing a Caliphate is no longer a religious requirement!

Ustaz Mohamed Ali

Responding to ISIS sympathiser Zulfikar Shariff calls for a Khilafah to be established in our region, Ustaz Mohamed Ali has clarified that it is no longer a religious requirement for Muslims to create an Islamic caliphate. “Zaman ini terdapat kuasa negara ‘nation state’ dan zaman telah berubah kepada bentuk sekular atau sistem pemerintahan yang lain. Umat Islam sebenarnya sesuai pada

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Aiseyman! ISIS sympathiser says that Singapore’s secular state needs to be replaced by an Islamic Caliphate!


In the wake of the violent attacks on France carried out by ISIS, sympathiser of the terror group and conservative Muslim activist Zulfikar Shariff has come out to say that the only way to minimise the conflict between Islam and the West is for the Khilafah to be re-established immediately, replacing our ‘Western imposed’ secular state.   So his peaceful

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