Aiseyman! Muslimahs at Pink Dot are the epitome of religious acceptance and tolerance!

  Three cheers for the 2 Muslimahs who were all dressed up in pretty pink to attend Pink Dot 2017! They have successfully shoved it in the faces of the wear white movement! Who says Muslims have to be condemned for being part of the LGBT community? Who says Muslims cannot stand in solidarity with their LGBT friends? Not these

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Aiseyman! Conservative Christians and Muslims gang up against LGBT Community siol~

Wear White 3

Looks like this year, the LGBT Community will not be able to celebrate Pink Dot in peace as the same bunch of conservative religious folks are once again rallying their flock to wear white on 13 June 2015 and 18 June 2015. Besides wearing white, which is supposed to represent the purity and integrity of the institution of heterosexual marriage,

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