Aiseyman! Did 2 Muslim MPs just try to play up religious politics in parliament?


In a sneaky move by MPs Zainal Sapari and Faisal Manap, the issue of whether religious bodies should be given more authority to pass judgement over penal trangressions was suddenly thrown out to Parliament yesterday. Speaking up on the controversial issue of the imam at Masjid Jamae who had allegedly spoken ill of believers of the Jewish and Christian faiths,

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Aiseyman! Mosques get criticised for displaying banner with Chinese New Year greetings siol!

First, Muslims are not allowed to express Christmas greetings to others, and now some Muslims are apparently upset with a couple of mosques that have put up banners wishing our fellow Chinese Singaporeans a Happy Chinese New Year. What is it with these group of Muslims who like pour cold water on others’ festive joy? These people are questioning if

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