Should Muslims be registered in Singapore?


Muslims in Singapore are registered, many I spoke to are supportive of the registration act as it allows them to by pass certain aspects of civil law, such as marriage (ROMM recognizes polygamy), inheritance laws (Faraid; wherein the male relative is entitled 2:1 of the will), burial rites and other privileges. I say privileges because I had to pay $20

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Aiseyman! Is Islamisation insidiously creeping into our secular schools?

Aiseyman! It appears that some teachers from Crest Secondary School taken it upon themselves to round up Muslim students and ‘encourage’ them to participate in religious activities such as going to the mosque for friday prayers. Translated into English, the text reads: “To encourage young students to go for Friday Prayers, the teachers made a public announcement in the school

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Religious rites end where human rights begin

secular govt

Secularism is not an Atheist principle. So then why is it mostly Atheists that push for it? Perhaps when you’re without religion, you realize just how invasive that ideology is. Imagine you’re Muslim. As per your religious rite, you circumcise boys and girls. You have ideological blinders that tell you, this is “normal” this is just what we do, we

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Aiseyman! Hijab in the spotlight again!


Aiseyman! Ramadhan is just barely over and some Malay-Muslims are once again stirring up old controversies by re-circulating a 2013 news article which quoted the Minister for Muslim Affairs as saying that allowing the hijab to be worn by women in certain professions would be “very problematic” and asserting that it is the right of Muslimahs to don the hijab

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