Alfian Sa’at: Etymology of a word, and how it was first used, is no defense for racist terms


There’s a video that’s surfaced that claims that the words ‘keling’ and ‘apu neh’ are not derogatory. As evidence, the (elderly Indian) speaker in the video says that during his time, they were merely descriptive terms and not meant as terms of insult. To that, I say, for those who insist using these terms, please time travel back to those

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Aiseyman! It is disgraceful that our MPs did not distance themselves from bigoted comments made by their colleagues in Parliament!


A few years ago, then NMP, Thio Li Ann, a known homophobe and spawn of feminist mentor and page 3 girl, Thio Su Mien, gave a speech in parliament in which she argued for the upholding of 377A, noting (perhaps accidentally) that it should be legal for her to eat my ass, but not for me to do the same

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Aiseyman! Tampines 1 has a right to reject any business proposal that don’t fit their image


Oh my gawd so racist, such a blatant piece of evidence that Singapore is a racial apartheid state Omg, I feel so discriminated. Lets be serious for a second and take into consideration what might have actually happen and give the benefit of the doubt to both sides and examine what Singapore is really like. Right off the bat, this

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Aiseyman! Sometimes we Malays should stop being so oversensitive lah!


During the Xmas weekend, thought of catching Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and do a little movie review, as part of my ongoing aspiration to be an cinematic critique. Then Sani Sarip happened. Bro Sani Sarip gained his five minutes of fame over the long xmas weekend recently, not over his movie review of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but

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Struggles of an agnostic Malay-Chinese man


“I like reading this page for the many different yet familiar reactions to race that I’ve seen and encountered as well. Being a mixed Malay-Chinese (mostly Malay but I look Chinese), I have had to deal with my fair share of random strangers speaking to me in a Chinese dialect and having to smile tightly, look confused (although this has

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Aiseyman! Some Malays regard their racial identity as a badge of dishonour that they throw away!

Malay community

“I feel what’s more saddening than offensive comments made by someone from another race is the attempts of someone within your own community to distance themselves from their race. This is the phenomena among minority races. I have countless friends and even relatives who are willingly throwing away their Malay identity like a badge of dishonour. This is despite speaking

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Aiseyman! We are all racists!


Last week, a courageous man stood up for a teenager who was being bullied on the MRT. The facts are straightfoward. But one look at the flood of comments online, it is plain for all to see that opinions on the case skewed towards the race and nationality of those involved. Yes the hero is a Malay man. Nationality unknown

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Open letter to Lightart Studio


Dear Lightart Studio, Thank you for reminding Singapore especially MOM and TAFEP that racial and religious discrimination still exists in Singapore. You have also proved former NMP Calvin Cheng wrong when he cautioned against Alfian Sa’at’s “irresponsible rhetoric, which allege racial discrimination against our Malay-Muslim brethren”. On one level, you discriminate against non-Chinese by insidiously slipping in ‘Chinese-speaking’ as part

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Aiseyman! MINDEF still doesn’t trust Malay Muslim NSFs!!!


These words were spilled by Katy Perry herself right before breaking into her soulful single, prostate Unconditionally. It was an intensely emotional night for KatyCats (nickname for Katy’s fans), having to take in all the powerful vocals and electrifying theatrics delivered at her second Singapore show. The Prismatic World Tour is Katy’s third concert tour, check in support of her fourth studio album,Prism (2013).

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