Aiseyman! Did 2 Muslim MPs just try to play up religious politics in parliament?


In a sneaky move by MPs Zainal Sapari and Faisal Manap, the issue of whether religious bodies should be given more authority to pass judgement over penal trangressions was suddenly thrown out to Parliament yesterday. Speaking up on the controversial issue of the imam at Masjid Jamae who had allegedly spoken ill of believers of the Jewish and Christian faiths,

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Aiseyman! It is disgraceful that our MPs did not distance themselves from bigoted comments made by their colleagues in Parliament!


A few years ago, then NMP, Thio Li Ann, a known homophobe and spawn of feminist mentor and page 3 girl, Thio Su Mien, gave a speech in parliament in which she argued for the upholding of 377A, noting (perhaps accidentally) that it should be legal for her to eat my ass, but not for me to do the same

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Aiseyman! Now got 2 Malay Muslim Ministers in Parliament siol!


SINGAPORE – A reshuffling of roles within the Cabinet has resulted in a new labour chief, a new minister and three other ministers being given new appointments, as Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong renews his leadership bench ahead of the next general election. Mr Masagos Zulkifli, 51, will be promoted to a full minister from Thursday, making it the first

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