Aiseyman! Muslimahs at Pink Dot are the epitome of religious acceptance and tolerance!

  Three cheers for the 2 Muslimahs who were all dressed up in pretty pink to attend Pink Dot 2017! They have successfully shoved it in the faces of the wear white movement! Who says Muslims have to be condemned for being part of the LGBT community? Who says Muslims cannot stand in solidarity with their LGBT friends? Not these

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Aiseyman! Hijab petition now gaining momentum again siol~

Aiseyman! This hijab issue is like a zombie siol~ Kena shot down with so many explanations still refuse to die. Now, a group of people taking things offline and printing and giving out flyers at Mosques and encouraging others to take a selfie with it to post on social media. So garang siol~ But notice something funny? Many of those

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Aiseyman! If hijab is allowed will Muslims demand for more?


Just wondering about the Hijab issue in Singapore.. If one day, the Govt decide to allow uniformed personnels such as SAF, nurses, HT etc to wear hijab,wil it b the end?Or maybe it wil the beginning instead? Maybe some Muslims will demand re-design of uniforms coz the current female uniforms didn’t cover the shape of the body n some uniforms

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