Aiseyman! Our Mufti condemns terrorism but continues to oppress the Shia and LGBT Muslim minorities


I find it interesting that our Mufti has come out to condemn the terror attacks in Saudi Arabia as having nothing to do with Islam and yet at the same time he has not once openly accepted the Shia community as fellow Muslims most of whom were the targeted victims of these senseless attacks. Wouldn’t accepting them into our fold

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Aiseyman! It is idiotic for men to lower their gaze in the presence of women!


There’s two train of thoughts within 2 Muslim groups. The conservative Muslims want women to wear head coverings. The liberal Muslims want men to lower their gaze in the presence of a woman. You know how I feel about mandatory Hijabing, I oppose it. But lets try to look at why the later is just as idiotic of a command

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Aiseyman! Islam needs reformation not more public relations!


Islamophobia, a non word which means Irrational Fear of Islam (an ideology) commonly used by the naive public, regressive and Muslims of the Non Reformist Variety to label and misconstrue genuine anti muslim bigots with legitimate criticism of Islamic doctrines and Muslim practices. No person has an irrational fear of an ideology, Islam is a religious ideology. A very dangerous

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Aiseyman! Closeted ex-Muslim share her testimony of leaving Islam


I was born into a very religious Singaporean Muslim family, with my parents being extremely devout. They even went for pilgrimage just this year. In addition, my father is a bomoh (Muslim medium) and would conduct rites with the power of Allah (he claims). I actually realized that I found Islam to be an extremely troublesome religion really early on,

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“I’m Malay but that doesn’t automatically mean that I’m also a Muslim”

Malay community

The problem living in Singapore as a Malay is that people assume that you’re a Muslim. And language like this continues to promote the idea that if you’re Malay you’re Muslim. Anti Muslim bigotry, while I’ve never faced it here because I’ve not been a Muslim for 16 years and from what I’ve seen those who cry the loudest about

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