Aiseyman! Mufti Menk say Muslims cannot wish other Singaporeans Merry Xmas and Happy Deepavali

Menk Xmas

Aiseyman!   A mat rocker reader alerted us to this Mufti Menk video that is widely available on Youtube. The knowledgeable Mufti tell his followers why it is wrong for a Muslim to greet non-Muslims Merry Christmas or Happy Deepavali. Basically, he said it is sin and crime for a Muslim to acknowledge another religion or another God.   Mufti

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Aiseyman! Mufti Menk is not as ‘moderate’ as he makes himself out to be!

Mufti menk

Dear Moderate Muslims, About ISIS and Islamism. You don’t have to speak out against them, it’s fine. You can choose to remain silent, that is after all a part of free speech. You don’t have to mourn for the dead in Paris. You don’t have to join us and condemn Islamic Terrorists. You don’t have to join us in the

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