Aiseyman! Is our Malay culture and identity slowly phasing out?!

malay culture

“Takkan Melayu Hilang di Dunia” (“Never shall the Malay(s) vanish from the earth”) So much for that quote from Hang Tuah. The Arabisation of Malays in this region is an influence by of course the internet and globalisation too. Of course the more the world open its knowledge to the common man the more we revolutionize our culture. The Malay

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Aiseyman! Muslim women in Singapore did not wear the hijab before early 1970!

As proof that the cultural trend of wearing the hijab is a fairly recent phenomenon in Singapore’s history, here are some photos of Muslim women in Singapore/Malaya before early 1970.   In everyday life:   In special occasions:   In film and pop culture:   From the above photographs, it is evident that before the early 1970’s, the hijab was

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Aiseyman! We are all racists!


Last week, a courageous man stood up for a teenager who was being bullied on the MRT. The facts are straightfoward. But one look at the flood of comments online, it is plain for all to see that opinions on the case skewed towards the race and nationality of those involved. Yes the hero is a Malay man. Nationality unknown

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Open letter to Lightart Studio


Dear Lightart Studio, Thank you for reminding Singapore especially MOM and TAFEP that racial and religious discrimination still exists in Singapore. You have also proved former NMP Calvin Cheng wrong when he cautioned against Alfian Sa’at’s “irresponsible rhetoric, which allege racial discrimination against our Malay-Muslim brethren”. On one level, you discriminate against non-Chinese by insidiously slipping in ‘Chinese-speaking’ as part

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Kesian siol~ Gay Muslims are the most discriminated against in Singapore!

pinkdot gay muslim

Think about it. If you’re Muslim, and you’re gay, chances are you are most likely to have a hard time in Singapore. Why? Although you call Singapore your home, your country doesn’t trust you enough to safeguard your homeland. Although you belong to a race which originally inhabited this island, you are now a minority in this society and looked

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Aiseyman! Racist Myanmar Minister says our soccer team is ‘adopted’ because they are Malay and not Chinese!

Even though our boys lost out to the Myanmar team 2-1 at the SEA Games football match, some Myanmarese including a high ranking Minister couldn’t keep from making snide comments to put our boys down even more. Myanmar Minister for Information Ye Htut made this statement on his Facebook “Try to beat down the team with the all adopted players

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Aiseyman! Why can’t Muslims be ambassadors for PinkDot?


This year’s PinkDot ambassadors include Maimunah Bagharib and Hirzi Zulkiflie of MunahHirzi fame. While it is not known how PinkDot chooses and decides on who gets to represent them, it is doubtful that Munah and Hirzi were forced into doing it. In other words, they did it on their own free will and made the conscious decision to participate. Both

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Aiseyman! MINDEF still doesn’t trust Malay Muslim NSFs!!!


These words were spilled by Katy Perry herself right before breaking into her soulful single, prostate Unconditionally. It was an intensely emotional night for KatyCats (nickname for Katy’s fans), having to take in all the powerful vocals and electrifying theatrics delivered at her second Singapore show. The Prismatic World Tour is Katy’s third concert tour, check in support of her fourth studio album,Prism (2013).

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Aiseyman! A touching tale of the relationship between a boy and his Makcik

gay hands

I’ve had a privileged life. Since I was young, I’ve never had to worry much. Everything that I wanted and needed to succeed was given to me. My parents were investment bankers, who as part of their job, travelled often. Because of that, I hardly ever saw them except during holidays. When I was eight, my parents hired a caretaker,

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