Kesian siol~ Gay Muslims are the most discriminated against in Singapore!

pinkdot gay muslim

Think about it. If you’re Muslim, and you’re gay, chances are you are most likely to have a hard time in Singapore. Why? Although you call Singapore your home, your country doesn’t trust you enough to safeguard your homeland. Although you belong to a race which originally inhabited this island, you are now a minority in this society and looked

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Aiseyman! Why can’t Muslims be ambassadors for PinkDot?


This year’s PinkDot ambassadors include Maimunah Bagharib and Hirzi Zulkiflie of MunahHirzi fame. While it is not known how PinkDot chooses and decides on who gets to represent them, it is doubtful that Munah and Hirzi were forced into doing it. In other words, they did it on their own free will and made the conscious decision to participate. Both

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