Aiseyman! Muslims who fuss over pork briyani are hypocrites!

So in Singapore they have Banana Leaf Pork Briyani and some Malays are making noise? Why lah what’s the problem? Since when is Banana Leaf a Malay thing to defend? Since when is Briyani a Malay food to feel threatened? If it’s non-halal to you then you don’t eat lah. It’s not for you. They don’t lose anything if you

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Aiseyman! ISURAMUYA Japanese Restaurant claims to be Halal but it is NOT MUIS certified!

In a reddit thread posted yesterday, web the user lattakia revealed his intentions to organise 2 concurrent Gay Pride Parades in Malaysia (tentatively Johor Bahru and Ipoh) soon and has even secured an anonymous sponsor! He said that his goal for the event is to promote inclusiveness and LGBT rights where people of all walks of life (whether gay/trans) will

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Aiseyman! Starbucks tak halal, so what?

Some people really have very vivid imaginations eh? From a simple fact that Starbucks is not certified halal, prostate they can spin theories about how pork fat is deliberately included as an ingredient in their food and drink to trick Muslims because Starbucks is a Jewish company bent on killing Palestinians. Like conspiracy theory much siol~   While this may

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Aiseyman! Muslims should not make a big fuss over ice cream shop’s Ramadhan’s Special

Ramadhan special

In less than a week’s time, Muslims all over the world will observe the month of Ramadhan. It is a time for spiritual reflection through abstinence, internal dialogue with Allah (swt) through salat and inculcating a sense of generousity and goodwill through zakat. Although fasting from food and water is an important part of observing Ramadhan, we should also remember

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Aiseyman! Muslims cannot keep demanding others to accomodate their religious practices lah!

racial harmony

A Facebook user Gordon Tay posted online about how a friend of his was unsure of how to cope with the increasing demands of his Muslim colleagues as the group got bigger. When only 1 Muslim was employed, he got along with the rest of his colleagues and made no demands. When more Muslims were employed, they started to ask

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Muslim customers also have the right to eat and shop in a dog-free environment!

cass dog

Aiseyman! Just because someone is visually impaired, does it gives her the right to demand access for herself and her guide dog to wherever? And when she is denied access to a shop because of her anjing she plays the victim by using her handicap status to call out the shop for discriminating her. If like that also can, then

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Singapore gets thumbs up for Halal travel


SINGAPORE – Singapore has been named the friendliest destination for Muslim travellers among non-Muslim countries for the third successive year. The Global Muslim Travel Index, prescription released on Wednesday, for sale gave Singapore high scores for its safe travel environment, symptoms ease of access to prayer spaces and number of halal dining options. The index ranked 100 destinations based on

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