Alfian Sa’at: Issue of minority-race President reflects the flaws in our ‘meritocratic’ sytem


Some critiques of a system that would mandate the election of a minority-race President mention that the process will ‘undermine the principle of meritocracy’. The assumption is that in a truly meritocratic system, everyone, regardless of race, will have a fair shot at running for President under the present scheme. One of the criteria laid out for the Elected President

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Aiseyman! It is disgraceful that our MPs did not distance themselves from bigoted comments made by their colleagues in Parliament!


A few years ago, then NMP, Thio Li Ann, a known homophobe and spawn of feminist mentor and page 3 girl, Thio Su Mien, gave a speech in parliament in which she argued for the upholding of 377A, noting (perhaps accidentally) that it should be legal for her to eat my ass, but not for me to do the same

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Aiseyman! Tampines 1 has a right to reject any business proposal that don’t fit their image


Oh my gawd so racist, such a blatant piece of evidence that Singapore is a racial apartheid state Omg, I feel so discriminated. Lets be serious for a second and take into consideration what might have actually happen and give the benefit of the doubt to both sides and examine what Singapore is really like. Right off the bat, this

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Aiseyman! Why doesn’t anyone talk about racism within the gay community?


There is an elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about, and that is the sad truth that even within the LGBT community, minorities are discriminated against. Growing up as a gay Malay Singaporean was very hard. Not only did I have to battle my own inner frustrations, I also had to deal with societal, ethnic and

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Aiseyman! Some Malays regard their racial identity as a badge of dishonour that they throw away!

Malay community

“I feel what’s more saddening than offensive comments made by someone from another race is the attempts of someone within your own community to distance themselves from their race. This is the phenomena among minority races. I have countless friends and even relatives who are willingly throwing away their Malay identity like a badge of dishonour. This is despite speaking

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Aiseyman! Finally WP forms a committee to tackle racial discrimination in Singapore!


Racial discrimination is very much well and alive in Singapore as the many anecdotal accounts can attest to. It not only pervades our society at a personal level but at an institutional level where state policies are formulated around racial quotas, unfounded security concerns and stereotypes. This undercurrent of simmering racism is further exacerbated by the state’s constant denial of

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Aiseyman! Why are Christians who commit criminal acts not stereotyped as radicals but Muslims are?


What’s interesting to me in all this City Harvest stuff, is that no one is talking about this as a peril of Christianity. No one is using this as an example of how there’s something wrong with Christianity and Christians who are so easily misled and brainwashed. Compare this to any rhetoric on anyone who is vaguely brown and Muslim.

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Aiseyman! Malays also discriminate against other races!


Who says that only the minority race suffers from discrimination and racism? Racism works both ways – even though we usually hear accounts of minorities at the receiving end of racism, it is true that they also discriminate against those who may be part of a racial majority. I remember when I was in school, I used to play soccer

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Aiseyman! The CMIO model is irrelevant and should be abolished!

racial harmony 2

If you had ask me this question, even five or eight years after the tragic events of 9/11, I would have said “It means nothing, there’s really no difference between being a Muslim and a Ex-Muslim” but lately, this isn’t the case anymore, being apathetic to current events especially those pertaining to Muslims and Islamic affairs is a luxury an

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Aiseyman! Did the judiciary over-react to some stupid comments?


Kesian siol this Ello Ed Bello…True that he made some disrespectful comments about Singaporeans and was stupid enough to lie to the police about it, but surely 4 months behind bars is a little too harsh for the offense right? There are so many other bigots, both foreigners and Singaporeans, who have made even worse comments about each other online

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