Alfian Sa’at: Issue of minority-race President reflects the flaws in our ‘meritocratic’ sytem


Some critiques of a system that would mandate the election of a minority-race President mention that the process will ‘undermine the principle of meritocracy’. The assumption is that in a truly meritocratic system, everyone, regardless of race, will have a fair shot at running for President under the present scheme. One of the criteria laid out for the Elected President

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Aiseyman! Ex-Muslim shares his difficulties and reasons for remaining in the closet


I am an apostate who doesn’t talk to half of my family any more. Not disowned, but… yeah, it’s not good. I know a lot of other apostates who are just sort of closeted and have no intention to come out as atheist ever, for obvious reasons. Me, I’m half-Chinese, so I was like ‘fuck it, I still have half

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Aiseyman! Mosques get criticised for displaying banner with Chinese New Year greetings siol!

First, Muslims are not allowed to express Christmas greetings to others, and now some Muslims are apparently upset with a couple of mosques that have put up banners wishing our fellow Chinese Singaporeans a Happy Chinese New Year. What is it with these group of Muslims who like pour cold water on others’ festive joy? These people are questioning if

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Aiseyman! Sometimes we Malays should stop being so oversensitive lah!


During the Xmas weekend, thought of catching Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and do a little movie review, as part of my ongoing aspiration to be an cinematic critique. Then Sani Sarip happened. Bro Sani Sarip gained his five minutes of fame over the long xmas weekend recently, not over his movie review of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but

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Alfian Sa’at: Race should not be a taboo or sensitive topic


To live in Singapore is to take the above statement as self-evident. And yet Singapore is a very racialised society, with one’s race imprinted on one’s identity card. If you look ethnically indeterminate, taxi drivers will often ask you what race you are, as casually as they ask you for your destination. There are self-help groups and SAP schools, bilingual

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Struggles of an agnostic Malay-Chinese man


“I like reading this page for the many different yet familiar reactions to race that I’ve seen and encountered as well. Being a mixed Malay-Chinese (mostly Malay but I look Chinese), I have had to deal with my fair share of random strangers speaking to me in a Chinese dialect and having to smile tightly, look confused (although this has

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Aiseyman! Malays also discriminate against other races!


Who says that only the minority race suffers from discrimination and racism? Racism works both ways – even though we usually hear accounts of minorities at the receiving end of racism, it is true that they also discriminate against those who may be part of a racial majority. I remember when I was in school, I used to play soccer

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Open letter to Lightart Studio


Dear Lightart Studio, Thank you for reminding Singapore especially MOM and TAFEP that racial and religious discrimination still exists in Singapore. You have also proved former NMP Calvin Cheng wrong when he cautioned against Alfian Sa’at’s “irresponsible rhetoric, which allege racial discrimination against our Malay-Muslim brethren”. On one level, you discriminate against non-Chinese by insidiously slipping in ‘Chinese-speaking’ as part

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Aiseyman! Racist Myanmar Minister says our soccer team is ‘adopted’ because they are Malay and not Chinese!

Even though our boys lost out to the Myanmar team 2-1 at the SEA Games football match, some Myanmarese including a high ranking Minister couldn’t keep from making snide comments to put our boys down even more. Myanmar Minister for Information Ye Htut made this statement on his Facebook “Try to beat down the team with the all adopted players

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Aiseyman! Malaysian regret not supporting Lee Kuan Yew when he ran for the Malayan elections siol!


FORMER Malaysian prime minister Mahathir Mohamad said Singapore has no racial issue (“Lee Kuan Yew was ‘kiasu’, says Mahathir”; Sunday). Yes, it is under control now. Mr Lee Kuan Yew was determined to solve it with a country-first approach. After Singapore’s independence, the Singapore Chinese business chamber approached him to ask that he make Chinesethe national language and official medium

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