Statement By Humanist Society (Singapore): Malaysian Atheists Should Be Celebrated As Part Of Diverse Richness Of Malaysian Society, Rather Than Sidelined

This is our official response to the backlash against the Atheist Republic in Malaysia. Please read and share. FREEDOM OF RELIGION INCLUDES FREEDOM FROM RELIGION It is alarming that one of Malaysia’s ministers, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Shahidan Kassim, has called for Malaysian atheists to be “hunted down” vehemently by the Malaysian public. What sparked such

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Religious rites end where human rights begin

secular govt

Secularism is not an Atheist principle. So then why is it mostly Atheists that push for it? Perhaps when you’re without religion, you realize just how invasive that ideology is. Imagine you’re Muslim. As per your religious rite, you circumcise boys and girls. You have ideological blinders that tell you, this is “normal” this is just what we do, we

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