Aiseyman! Religious man curses Muslims who attend Pink Dot to die while at the event!

How wicked and black-hearted it is for a someone to curse another person to death just because he will be attending an event in support of the LGBT community in Singapore? That’s exactly what Zulfikar Shariff did when he posted a warning issued by PERGAS for Muslims to avoid attending Pink Dot and added his own caption “And pray you

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Aiseyman! Racist Myanmar Minister says our soccer team is ‘adopted’ because they are Malay and not Chinese!

Even though our boys lost out to the Myanmar team 2-1 at the SEA Games football match, some Myanmarese including a high ranking Minister couldn’t keep from making snide comments to put our boys down even more. Myanmar Minister for Information Ye Htut made this statement on his Facebook “Try to beat down the team with the all adopted players

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Aiseyman! MINDEF still doesn’t trust Malay Muslim NSFs!!!


These words were spilled by Katy Perry herself right before breaking into her soulful single, prostate Unconditionally. It was an intensely emotional night for KatyCats (nickname for Katy’s fans), having to take in all the powerful vocals and electrifying theatrics delivered at her second Singapore show. The Prismatic World Tour is Katy’s third concert tour, check in support of her fourth studio album,Prism (2013).

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Aiseyman! A touching tale of the relationship between a boy and his Makcik

gay hands

I’ve had a privileged life. Since I was young, I’ve never had to worry much. Everything that I wanted and needed to succeed was given to me. My parents were investment bankers, who as part of their job, travelled often. Because of that, I hardly ever saw them except during holidays. When I was eight, my parents hired a caretaker,

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Aiseyman! Uncle prepares fresh vegetables on the ground and on rubbish bin!

Veg rubbish

Editor’s Note: This is a review of the play Tart which was staged at 5ive by Teater Ekamatra. This is a contribution by our resident art critic. For a graduate showcase under Teater Ekamatra’s Playwright – Director Mentorship Programme, Nabilah Said’s Tart was a certainly a delicious visual treat with a lingering aftertaste which provided much food for thought.  

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Stop treating Malays like kids and give us the respect we deserve!


Aiseyman! When Masagos Zulkifli gets promoted, the entire Malay Muslim community gets a pat on the back for the “progress of the Malay community”. If it’s not enough that our Prime Minister patronises us, our very own Malay leaders lap up every drop of it like a primary 1 kid getting a star for successfully solving the equation 1+1=2. If

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Aiseyman! Malaysian regret not supporting Lee Kuan Yew when he ran for the Malayan elections siol!


FORMER Malaysian prime minister Mahathir Mohamad said Singapore has no racial issue (“Lee Kuan Yew was ‘kiasu’, says Mahathir”; Sunday). Yes, it is under control now. Mr Lee Kuan Yew was determined to solve it with a country-first approach. After Singapore’s independence, the Singapore Chinese business chamber approached him to ask that he make Chinesethe national language and official medium

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