Aiseyman! Our Mufti condemns terrorism but continues to oppress the Shia and LGBT Muslim minorities


I find it interesting that our Mufti has come out to condemn the terror attacks in Saudi Arabia as having nothing to do with Islam and yet at the same time he has not once openly accepted the Shia community as fellow Muslims most of whom were the targeted victims of these senseless attacks. Wouldn’t accepting them into our fold

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Aiseyman! Son disowned by family for being gay reunites with parents after Orlando shooting scare


A few days ago, I received a most unexpected phone call. The Orlando shooting was what really led to it, so in a way, Orlando affected me, personally. In short, it was my mother. We hadn’t spoken in the five years since she and Dad disowned me for being gay, and I was surprised that she had managed to track

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Aiseyman! Tampines 1 has a right to reject any business proposal that don’t fit their image


Oh my gawd so racist, such a blatant piece of evidence that Singapore is a racial apartheid state Omg, I feel so discriminated. Lets be serious for a second and take into consideration what might have actually happen and give the benefit of the doubt to both sides and examine what Singapore is really like. Right off the bat, this

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Aiseyman! Ex-Muslim shares his difficulties and reasons for remaining in the closet


I am an apostate who doesn’t talk to half of my family any more. Not disowned, but… yeah, it’s not good. I know a lot of other apostates who are just sort of closeted and have no intention to come out as atheist ever, for obvious reasons. Me, I’m half-Chinese, so I was like ‘fuck it, I still have half

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