Aiseyman! Why doesn’t anyone talk about racism within the gay community?


There is an elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about, and that is the sad truth that even within the LGBT community, minorities are discriminated against. Growing up as a gay Malay Singaporean was very hard. Not only did I have to battle my own inner frustrations, I also had to deal with societal, ethnic and

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Aiseyman! Muslims who join in Christmas festivities doesn’t make them less Muslim or more Christian siol!

Yes it’s a real campaign to shame Muslims who display attitudes that are positive towards cultural unity by adorning paganistic Christmas hat. Kind of reminds me of regressives who are like “don’t display Christmas symbols it might offend non christians” Christmas Shaming, as I call it. “cara halus mengkafirkn kaum muslimin” Translation: What a subtle way to turn muslims into

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Alfian Sa’at: Race should not be a taboo or sensitive topic


To live in Singapore is to take the above statement as self-evident. And yet Singapore is a very racialised society, with one’s race imprinted on one’s identity card. If you look ethnically indeterminate, taxi drivers will often ask you what race you are, as casually as they ask you for your destination. There are self-help groups and SAP schools, bilingual

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Aiseyman! Mufti Menk is not as ‘moderate’ as he makes himself out to be!

Mufti menk

Dear Moderate Muslims, About ISIS and Islamism. You don’t have to speak out against them, it’s fine. You can choose to remain silent, that is after all a part of free speech. You don’t have to mourn for the dead in Paris. You don’t have to join us and condemn Islamic Terrorists. You don’t have to join us in the

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Aiseyman! Local Ustaz says that establishing a Caliphate is no longer a religious requirement!

Ustaz Mohamed Ali

Responding to ISIS sympathiser Zulfikar Shariff calls for a Khilafah to be established in our region, Ustaz Mohamed Ali has clarified that it is no longer a religious requirement for Muslims to create an Islamic caliphate. “Zaman ini terdapat kuasa negara ‘nation state’ dan zaman telah berubah kepada bentuk sekular atau sistem pemerintahan yang lain. Umat Islam sebenarnya sesuai pada

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Struggles of an agnostic Malay-Chinese man


“I like reading this page for the many different yet familiar reactions to race that I’ve seen and encountered as well. Being a mixed Malay-Chinese (mostly Malay but I look Chinese), I have had to deal with my fair share of random strangers speaking to me in a Chinese dialect and having to smile tightly, look confused (although this has

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Aiseyman! Some Malays regard their racial identity as a badge of dishonour that they throw away!

Malay community

“I feel what’s more saddening than offensive comments made by someone from another race is the attempts of someone within your own community to distance themselves from their race. This is the phenomena among minority races. I have countless friends and even relatives who are willingly throwing away their Malay identity like a badge of dishonour. This is despite speaking

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Aiseyman! Finally WP forms a committee to tackle racial discrimination in Singapore!


Racial discrimination is very much well and alive in Singapore as the many anecdotal accounts can attest to. It not only pervades our society at a personal level but at an institutional level where state policies are formulated around racial quotas, unfounded security concerns and stereotypes. This undercurrent of simmering racism is further exacerbated by the state’s constant denial of

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Aiseyman! Male chauvinist says that wearing shorts is immoral siol!

You know that there’s something wrong with our society when people start to judge others by the clothes that they wear, or don’t wear, in this case.   Why can’t people just let others have the freedom to dress however they like without imposing their own personal moral judgment? First people fuss over women wearing the hijab, now over wearing

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Aiseyman! Malays also discriminate against other races!


Who says that only the minority race suffers from discrimination and racism? Racism works both ways – even though we usually hear accounts of minorities at the receiving end of racism, it is true that they also discriminate against those who may be part of a racial majority. I remember when I was in school, I used to play soccer

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