Aiseyman! Islam needs reformation not more public relations!


Islamophobia, a non word which means Irrational Fear of Islam (an ideology) commonly used by the naive public, regressive and Muslims of the Non Reformist Variety to label and misconstrue genuine anti muslim bigots with legitimate criticism of Islamic doctrines and Muslim practices. No person has an irrational fear of an ideology, Islam is a religious ideology. A very dangerous

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Alfian Sa’at: Etymology of a word, and how it was first used, is no defense for racist terms


There’s a video that’s surfaced that claims that the words ‘keling’ and ‘apu neh’ are not derogatory. As evidence, the (elderly Indian) speaker in the video says that during his time, they were merely descriptive terms and not meant as terms of insult. To that, I say, for those who insist using these terms, please time travel back to those

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Aiseyman! Tampines 1 has a right to reject any business proposal that don’t fit their image


Oh my gawd so racist, such a blatant piece of evidence that Singapore is a racial apartheid state Omg, I feel so discriminated. Lets be serious for a second and take into consideration what might have actually happen and give the benefit of the doubt to both sides and examine what Singapore is really like. Right off the bat, this

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“I’m Malay but that doesn’t automatically mean that I’m also a Muslim”

Malay community

The problem living in Singapore as a Malay is that people assume that you’re a Muslim. And language like this continues to promote the idea that if you’re Malay you’re Muslim. Anti Muslim bigotry, while I’ve never faced it here because I’ve not been a Muslim for 16 years and from what I’ve seen those who cry the loudest about

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Is Singapore a Secular Country or only Secular if you’re not Muslim?


I am now officially an Ex-Muslim in Singapore. But I still cannot shake off the ludicrousness of having to pay $20 dollars for this piece of paper, maybe I’m just kiasu like that but I believe if there is some kind of organization for Muslims that they should be the ones to pay the $20 and register themselves to show

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Aiseyman! Mosques get criticised for displaying banner with Chinese New Year greetings siol!

First, Muslims are not allowed to express Christmas greetings to others, and now some Muslims are apparently upset with a couple of mosques that have put up banners wishing our fellow Chinese Singaporeans a Happy Chinese New Year. What is it with these group of Muslims who like pour cold water on others’ festive joy? These people are questioning if

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Aiseyman! Mufti Menk say Muslims cannot wish other Singaporeans Merry Xmas and Happy Deepavali

Menk Xmas

Aiseyman!   A mat rocker reader alerted us to this Mufti Menk video that is widely available on Youtube. The knowledgeable Mufti tell his followers why it is wrong for a Muslim to greet non-Muslims Merry Christmas or Happy Deepavali. Basically, he said it is sin and crime for a Muslim to acknowledge another religion or another God.   Mufti

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Aiseyman! Sometimes we Malays should stop being so oversensitive lah!


During the Xmas weekend, thought of catching Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and do a little movie review, as part of my ongoing aspiration to be an cinematic critique. Then Sani Sarip happened. Bro Sani Sarip gained his five minutes of fame over the long xmas weekend recently, not over his movie review of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but

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Aiseyman! Teater Ekamatra’s Geng Rebut Cabinet is a spot on satirical of our social-politics!


Editor’s Note: This is a review of the play Geng Rebut Cabinet which was written by Alfian Sa’at, directed by Mohd Fared Jainal and staged by Teater Ekamatra. This is a reader’s contribution. Absolutely nailed on brilliant! If what Alfian and Fared had in mind was to play on the tacit understanding that the audience, most of whom Malays, i

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