Blacklisted German ‘Beggar’ Takes Muslim Name, Thinks It’ll Help Him Return Thailand To Continue His Antics

Since getting married in Africa a few months ago, notorious big-legged beggar Benjamin Holst has converted to his wife’s Muslim religion. With that change, came a new name to match his new faith — Benjamin Mohamed Drammeh.

The moniker is listed on his Facebook page with the message “Get used to my new name.”

The serial beggar, who shows off his swollen leg (thought to be caused by elephantitis but never confirmed by Holst himself) and sits on the street asking for money that he says is needed to get home, has been caught several times misappropriating funds offered by kind people and using them on his beloved hookers and booze.

It is these actions that have gotten him permanently blacklisted from Thailand and ejected from Singapore, Taiwan, and South Korea as well. He doesn’t beg only in Asia though, he’s also been spotted performing his “work” in Europe.