Confession: I’ve stopped believing in Islam 2 years ago


Ok I don’t know how to make a good opening to this, but I’ve stopped being a believer for a while and have been drinking, smoking, eating pork two years ago. I’ve always hated the idea of God and never believed him but for my parents and grandparents, I pretended to. I never saw any of the things people say about God reflected through their actions and beliefs so I never thought twice whenever I say I didn’t believe in God. I did however, as a born muslim, had basic teachings, and so lately I’ve started to realize how God may exist, and how His attributes are true and are what He promised. I’m not keen on calling myself a Muslim even though by this worldly standard I am. I don’t want to subscribe to any religion as well at the moment. I don’t know if anyone else has gone through this. It’s wild how religion is so cultural and traditional.

T Iman