Aiseyman! Cowards Block Attempt By Activists To Achieve Equal Rights For All S’pore Women



Hello Editor

SCWO’s immediate past President Malathi Das and SCWO now President June Goh worked tirelessly to ensure the success and release of this report. This Cedaw report is inclusive and emcompasses universal values that we humans should embrace. These ladies achieved what nobody has ever done before, to fight for real change, to fight inequalities faced by Spore women, straight or LGBT.

The report calls for the abolishment of Section 377A, fighting for LGBT rights, fighting for the right to wear the tudung, fighting for fair inheritance for Muslim women, fighting against Islamic polygamy, these are all inequalities that Singapore has to correct before we can honestly call ourselves an inclusive and open society.  These are important issues that we need to confront and get rid of before us women can be truly free and equal.

However all these efforts came to naught because those pro-govt womens group like PAP womens and PA all turned tail when they realised the report asked for the removal of 377A, gay rights and broached 'religiously sensitive' topics like the tudung. Then those Islamic womens groups got cold feet over the uncomfortable but pertinent questions about unfairness in polygamy and family inheritance issues and started to play coy.

These cowardly turncoats started calling their masters and what do we get after all that hard work? Support for the most inclusive and equal Cedaw report ever put up was pulled and now the Cedaw report is only submitted with the support of 13 courageous pro-LGBT NGOs and took the shine off what would have been a great achievement for women equality in Singapore.

If you want real progress for womens rights, you need to ask the difficult questions and stop sticking your heads in the sand. This is the sad reality in Singapore. We desperately need more brave women like Malathi Das and President June Goh to lead the charge for true women rights in Spore.

Tracy Lee