Aiseyman! Will Halimah’s presidency bring the hijab issue back to the spotlight?


A Muslim undergrad told me his mother would have voted for Madam Halimah simply because she wears the tudung. Last night, a cabby (Chinese) asked if it was fair that Singapore now looks like a Muslim country because the prez wears the tudung.

Congratulations to the G! It's correct that race and religion are still prime issues among Sgeans. (PS. I am being sarcastic) Since it has said that Parliament is NOT the place to raise the tudung issue, what is it going to say now to schoolgirls who point to the Prez's picture in school and demand to don the headscarf? Or to front-line public sector Muslim women who point out that the most important public face in Sg wears a tudung, so why can't they?

Race is so much an issue that people are putting a bindi on Madam Halimah's forehead and making fun of her business experience selling nasi padang! Racists are coming to the fore as Sgeans wake up to the outcome of a reserved election. What a way to start her presidency!

The G keeps saying that it made a decision to secure Sg's long-term political stability. It should think about CURRENT political stability. Please don't say that these are the rumblings of a vocal minority of netizens. The anger is palpable.

What a mess.

Bertha Henson