Aiseyman! Muslims who fuss over pork briyani are hypocrites!

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So in Singapore they have Banana Leaf Pork Briyani and some Malays are making noise?

Why lah what’s the problem? Since when is Banana Leaf a Malay thing to defend? Since when is Briyani a Malay food to feel threatened?

If it’s non-halal to you then you don’t eat lah. It’s not for you. They don’t lose anything if you don’t eat it.

And what do you lose that you have to make noise about it? No… it’s not challenging Melayu, it's not challenging Islam. Briyani are not a Muslim food. It's also not a Malay food.

And if that argument is too hard to accept, then why you have halal beer? Barbican and all?

Why you have beef bacon? Why you have chicken ham? These are supposed to be babi food lah.. you change it with halal meat to suit your appetite.

You want their food so you make a halal version and it's ok. Other people change what you perceived as halal food to become non-halal, you say it's challenging Islam?

You hypocrite lah...