Aiseyman! Under MENDAKI Halimah Yacob and Farid Khan would not qualify as Malay!


Dear admin,

My younger sister is married to a Singaporean Arab. His son, that is my nephew, was accepted into NTU about 10 years ago. He applied for Mendaki Scholarship but was rejected because he was NOT considered a Malay by Mendaki. My nephew is considered of Arab race based on his identity card as my brother-in-law is an Arab and needless to say, my sister is a Malay as I am. I did ask my MP at that time but he said that my nephew is not considered a Malay by "constitutional" definition.

For decades Mendaki has put into practice a clear definition of what a Malay is. My nephew was not considered a Malay by Mendaki because he is "half-a-Malay". So why would anyone under similar circumstances be considered a Malay then?

With due respect to all potential presidential candidates who claim to have some "Malayness" in them, ask yourself honestly and with a clear conscience: Is it fair to claim yourself to be a Malay when others who are "half-a-Malay" are not considered as one?

It's fine if you consider yourself a Malay even though you're not. But don't claim to be a Malay or to have some Malayness in you just to qualify for the presidential election.

Yahya H.