Aiseyman! Why does HDB discriminate against single homosexuals?

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I’m a single gay in my early 20s, I've always wanted to own a home as I don't get along with my family members and have been renting rooms to live.

HDB allows only singles who are at least 35 to buy a HDB.

I did a calculation, If I spend roughly $10000 a year renting until I'm 35, I would have spent at least 120K on renting, which is enough to buy me 1/2 of a HDB or 1/3 of a HDB flat.

A cheapest normal condo in market usually would already cost at least 700k to more than 1 million. Which is at least 2, 3 times more expensive than a HDB with the same size and same location. Hence a condo is out of my reach. I'm also not fond of being in debt for the next decade(s) just to live in a condo.

I did jobs help here and there and managed to save up a home fund of about 100K. Which is enough for a HDB down payment. Yet I'm homeless.

I feel like crying. They really discriminate singles and gays.