I Will Be Celebrating Hari Raya with my Family at Pink Dot!


This year’s Hari Raya will be extra special for me and my family.

To many, Hari Raya is a time to visit our friends and family to indulge and feast in delicious ayam masak merah, lontong and kuih-kuihs, especially after a month of fasting. But more than just the festivities, Hari Raya is a celebration of the family unit. It is a time of family bonding, where we seek forgiveness, blessings and affirm our love for each other.

For many years, I had a difficult relationship with my family, especially my father. They could not accept that I was gay after I came out to them, because they are quite religious and they kept praying that I will turn back to the straight path. I tried my best to be a filial son and live up to their expectation. I pray five times a day, fast properly in the month of Ramadan, abstain from haram things, but I always felt like I was never good enough for them because of my sexuality.

To my surprise, late last year, my dad's attitude towards me changed for the better and he became much more accepting. He told me that even though I am different, I am still his son. I guess I have to thank my mother who has been silently supporting me and being the mediator in the family.

This year for Raya, my family decided to go for pink colour theme, so we had our bajus and langsir made in pink to decorate our cosy home. But more than just being decked out in pink, my mother and sister will be attending Pink Dot with me, in solidarity of all our LGBT brothers and sisters. Even though my dad will not be joining us, I am thankful that he has accepted me and I hope that one day, we will all be able to attend Pink Dot together as a whole family.

Nasruddin K