Of Politics, Tudung And Drama. Can Singaporeans Rise Above Theatrics And Politicking?

Sometimes I wonder if our Malay Muslim MPs truly represent everyone or understand our concerns. Take for example the recent tudung debate between Mr Masagos and Mr Faisal. They seem to only care about arguing against each other and playing politics for the sake of it.

Mr Masagos had a weak argument. He didn’t even address the tudung issue although he’s in a position to do so! Why didn’t he explain why the tudung is not allowed in the workforce? What’s the point in avoiding the main point by slamming Mr Faisal and saying that it’s a sensitive issue that shouldn’t be discussed in parliament? Hello! Other PAP MPs have talked about it in parliament!

Btw, why cannot discuss sensitive issues? Does that mean the reserved presidency shouldn't be discussed too? Don't discuss how to resolve?

I'm also disappointed with Mr Faisal for suddenly casting a spotlight on the tudung issue. I respect him for being brave but it's not like we haven't been discussing it already. We've been at it for years! Why suddenly bring attention to it when he knows it'll cause a commotion?

Besides, I'm sure there are other urgent things he can discuss. It makes me wonder if he's really concerned for us or is he politicising matters by playing up the tudung issue?

Is he trying too hard to be accepted by our Malay Muslim community? I'd rather an MP who cares for ALL Singaporeans, meaning for BOTH our Malay Muslim people and other communities, and not someone who politicises things just to gain acceptance. Shouldn't an MP be representative of EVERYONE?

I find their DRAMA simply embarrassing. It really shouldn't be like this! Can we please rise above the theatrics and politicking? The sooner we do this, the faster we have an idea on how to handle this tudung issue. Must we really wait for another big case before the government, opposition and religious scholars get their act together?


Reader's Contribution

Md Ismail