Aiseyman! What is Jufrie Mahmood’s issue with our poet Mufti?

Yesterday, some local website that has been known for its incendiary shit-stirring r&r rhetoric, posted an article in support of opposition politician Jufrie Mahmood criticism of Mufti Fatris Bakaram.

Apparently, his gripe was that the Mufti is weak because he "indulges in poetry writing instead of standing up for the truth and seeking solace and hikmah from Almightly Allah".


In the first place, what does Malay chauvanist Jufrie know about the art of poetry? Does he know that poetry is good for the soul as it not only a therapeutic way of dealing with the stressors in our life, but also helps organise our thoughts, sharpen ideas and brings the focus back into our lives?

Even Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) himself enjoyed poetry and said: “Truly, in some poetry, there is wisdom.”

Then does Jufrie know about the great works of Arabic poets Rumi, Omar Khayyam, and Hafez who flourished during the Islamic Golden Age? Does he know about the accomplished works of our very own local Malay poets Isa Kamari, Yazid Hussein and Alfian Sa'at, amongst many others?

No. Jufrie only knows to pander to and espouse populist anti-foreigner sentiment, special privileges for Malays, and on occasion mix religion with politics.

Amidst a backdrop of creeping Islamisation in our region, we do not need ultras like Jufrie to demonise anything and everything he deems un-Islamic or tell us (or the Mufti) what to do and what not to do in the name of religion. This only serves to further divide our Malay Muslim community, and belittle the artistic achievements of those who have made our community proud.