Should Muslims be registered in Singapore?


Muslims in Singapore are registered, many I spoke to are supportive of the registration act as it allows them to by pass certain aspects of civil law, such as marriage (ROMM recognizes polygamy), inheritance laws (Faraid; wherein the male relative is entitled 2:1 of the will), burial rites and other privileges.

I say privileges because I had to pay $20 ($25 now) to unregistered myself as a Muslim where I was informed of the privileges I was giving up, to which I acknowledged and fully agreed to, maybe not fully agree with "Faraid" but I do acknowledge it.

So, fellow Singaporeans.
My question is, should Muslims be registered in Singapore?
Should America also register their Muslims?
If the answers to these questions differ, please explain in greater detail why.

As for me, I'm under the opinion that ALL CITIZENS should be subject equally under the law (civil law) and that Sharia Court is unconstitutional and not secular. And if there should be a registry, there shouldn't be any legal authority to it and it is for informed adults to register themselves but otherwise, there isn't a point in having a "Muslim Registry".

Riz Rashid