“You are not being respectful to Friday. You don’t seem to be Islam.”

takbir_of_prayerReader X shared an experience that he had recently, and if you guessed it correctly, yes it has something to do with Fridays.


It was a sunny morning on a Friday, X decided to put on a jersey of the country which hosted the World Cup 2014. He felt good that it was almost the end of the work week and was comfortable with his clothing which matches with the hot weather outside; something that can last him throughout the day. After packing his backpack, X headed to the door before he was stopped by his mother.

"You gonna wear that shirt to work today?", questioned his mother with her eyebrows raised.

"Yes mother. The weather is very hot and sunny today unlike the past few days which rained heavily", X replied.

Sensing there is some unhappiness in his mother, X elaborated, "Anyways, its normal since it is dress-down-Friday at work".

"Don't you know what day is it today? It's a Friday. Have no respect for hari jumaat", his mother exclaimed, "Last time, when I was working, I always wore baju kurung on Fridays. Baru nampak Islam."

Stunned, X watched in silence as his mother left the house for her religious class. He spaced out for 10 minutes before he realized he needed to leave for work too.

All the way to work, X pondered what his mother said to him. "Is wearing a jersey not good enough for a friday, islamically? Didn't I already have the intention to not miss the Friday congregational prayers? Would wearing a jersey to the prayers make me less Islam in the eyes of my fellow congregation and other Muslims out there?"



Your depressed and possibly moderate Muslim, X