Aiseyman! Our Mufti condemns terrorism but continues to oppress the Shia and LGBT Muslim minorities


I find it interesting that our Mufti has come out to condemn the terror attacks in Saudi Arabia as having nothing to do with Islam and yet at the same time he has not once openly accepted the Shia community as fellow Muslims most of whom were the targeted victims of these senseless attacks.

Wouldn’t accepting them into our fold reduce this hateful division and stigma amongst us?
For those of us who have continued to push this narrative of Shia Muslims as deviants and not accept them as fellow Muslims, we are every bit responsible for this spread of hate even though we were not directly involved in these violent acts committed towards them.

I am still waiting for our Mufti to take the moral high ground to seek justice and inclusion for the oppressed minorities among us which includes the Shia and LGBT minority Muslims in Singapore.

Till then I remain disappointed with the Muslim leadership here and will continue to promote a secular and pluralistic form of governance and call for a more Humanistic religious practice in this country.

While we are celebrating Hari Raya spare a thought for our fellow Shia and LGBT Muslims who continue to struggle to be accepted by our community.

Have a wonderful celebration tomorrow with your family and loved ones.

And may you forgive me for my vocal and sometimes vociferous posts on Facebook.

Maaf Zahir dan Batin.

Basheer Khan