Aiseyman! Son disowned by family for being gay reunites with parents after Orlando shooting scare


A few days ago, I received a most unexpected phone call. The Orlando shooting was what really led to it, so in a way, Orlando affected me, personally.

In short, it was my mother. We hadn't spoken in the five years since she and Dad disowned me for being gay, and I was surprised that she had managed to track down my number. After all, I'd moved to Singapore for work not too long before coming out to them.

She was hesitant, but asked if I was alright, if I was in good health. When I asked her why the sudden concern, she all but broke down on the phone. According to her, she had been watching the news in the days after the Orlando shooting, and when pictures of the victims were shown, she realised that if any such incidents happened here, I could very well have been one of the dead.

I must admit, I was not too tactful when I pointed out then that she and Dad had no qualms about disowning me five years ago.

Cue silence on the phone. But just as I was thinking of hanging up, she spoke up again, and those words of hers stuck in my mind over the last few days.

Pretty much, she confessed to having kept tabs on me, somehow. Told me that she and Dad regretted disowning their only son. Told me that my older sister still refused to speak to them over it. And admitted that knowing I was alive and well in Singapore had kept she and Dad stalling over that call to make amends. Only after the Orlando shooting did they get shaken up into action, so to speak.

Will be heading back to Malaysia for Raya, for the first time in five years, and maybe something will come of this. Maybe.


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