Aiseyman! It is idiotic for men to lower their gaze in the presence of women!


There’s two train of thoughts within 2 Muslim groups.

The conservative Muslims want women to wear head coverings. The liberal Muslims want men to lower their gaze in the presence of a woman.

You know how I feel about mandatory Hijabing, I oppose it. But lets try to look at why the later is just as idiotic of a command as the first.

When Singapore was occupied by the Japanese in 1942 to 1945, one of the requirements that the Japanese Imperial forces placed onto the citizens of Singapore was to lower their gaze in the presence of a Japanese Soldier.

This isn't a sign of respect, it's not a sign of treating another person as a human being, this is not equality. In the context of World War 2 this was fear. In the Islamic context this is pretense of superiority.

I don't blame them for thinking this way because the Quran is the last place of inspiration you want to look at for progressive values, so I'm really not surprised that in opposition to the Mandatory Hijabing, this train of thought to lower ones gaze at a supposed superior being becomes its polar opposite. (as Liberal Muslims say Islam empowered women).

This is probably going to trigger a lot of special snowflakes. But sorry ladies, you're not special just because you're a woman. You're human, and I will give you the same respect as I do to humans of the male variety.

Wear what you want either way I respect you enough to see you eye to eye, and start treating one another as Human beings, not objects to be traded or sacred objects to be revered.

Riz Rashid