Aiseyman! It is disgraceful that our MPs did not distance themselves from bigoted comments made by their colleagues in Parliament!


A few years ago, then NMP, Thio Li Ann, a known homophobe and spawn of feminist mentor and page 3 girl, Thio Su Mien, gave a speech in parliament in which she argued for the upholding of 377A, noting (perhaps accidentally) that it should be legal for her to eat my ass, but not for me to do the same with another man.

In 2011, in the midst of a General Election campaign season, Vivian Balakrishnan, steward of Singapore's Youth Olympic Games debacle got desperate and in an attempt to discredit one of his opponents equated male homosexuality with pedophilia.

In 2016, Denise Phua, stood before parliament and called large groups of low wage migrant workers from the South Asia "walking time bombs" and advocated fencing in public amenities so that these workers cannot use them on their days off.

What's shocking is not that these statements were made. People can be hateful. People can be desperate. People can just say stupid shit. What is shocking is that in each of these examples, the esteemed colleagues of the speakers never once distanced themselves from the comments in any way. No "he speaks for himself" or "her comments are beyond the pale" or even "my views on this are different".

In the case of Thio Li Ann, you even had MPs in parliament thumping their benches like hooligans in agreement. In the case of Vivian, total deafening silence. In the case of Denise Phua, it's been hours now, nothing, again, total, deafening, silence.

That is what is disgraceful and shocking. Our elected officials (I know Thio was not elected) need to hear from us about their silence in the face of biogtry. It's cowardly and unacceptable.

Becca D'Bus