Is Singapore a Secular Country or only Secular if you’re not Muslim?


I am now officially an Ex-Muslim in Singapore.

But I still cannot shake off the ludicrousness of having to pay $20 dollars for this piece of paper, maybe I'm just kiasu like that but I believe if there is some kind of organization for Muslims that they should be the ones to pay the $20 and register themselves to show their devotion to the faith, not vice versa.

Honestly this obsession of registering babies as Muslims needs to end, especially in Singapore where we claim to be a secular country and another thing, Civil laws need to prevail over religious laws, which is not the case for Muslims in Singapore as I was briefed during my interview that in terms of Sharia, I will be excluded from Faraid (Islamic Inheritance law), I will not have any claims over my inheritance.

In hindsight, many will not have a problem with this, under the assumption that an Ex-Muslim won't have a good relationship with their parents, which isn't always the case. What if the parent is actually accepting of their ex-muslim child and wishes to give their child all the assets after passing on?

Faraid laws not only hinders ex-Muslims like myself but female beneficiaries as they are only entitled to half of what their male siblings are entitled to.

So unless you have living siblings and you're on good terms with them and they promise to split your parents Inheritance with you evenly or have supportive parents who will pass on their assets to you before they leave this earth, I don't suggest renouncing your faith officially.

I know what you're saying, it's blackmail. And it is.

But I've made the choice to stand against it and renounce it officially to become a part of the 0.4% of Malays who are not Muslims, if you are in a good position to do it, please consider renouncing. However if the odds are against you, I fully understand your reluctance to do so.

And now it's about time we have an honest and open dialogue about Islamic Law in Singapore. And decide once and for all, is Singapore a Secular Country or only Secular if you're not Muslim?

Riz Rashid