Aiseyman! Mufti Menk say Muslims cannot wish other Singaporeans Merry Xmas and Happy Deepavali

Menk Xmas



A mat rocker reader alerted us to this Mufti Menk video that is widely available on Youtube. The knowledgeable Mufti tell his followers why it is wrong for a Muslim to greet non-Muslims Merry Christmas or Happy Deepavali. Basically, he said it is sin and crime for a Muslim to acknowledge another religion or another God.


Mufti Menk is HARDCORE siol.


Let's not mention about buying or receiving gifts on these occasions or even sharing food. The Mufti simply said it is BLASPHEMOUS! Yep you heard it. Going straight to hell for trying to be friendly with your colleagues and friends. For those working in a bank or a western MNC, next time your boss invite you for a Christmas party in the office, just show them this Mufti Menk video. I am sure they will understand. Even if the food is halal certified? Nope, you can't touch that!


Hmmm...I don't know if this is good or bad...but I guess this a good excuse to save up all the money that goes into gift buying or gift exchange!


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