Open letter to moderate Muslims about dealing with Islamic terrorism


Dear Moderate Muslims,

About ISIS and Islamism.
You don't have to speak out against them, it's fine.
You can choose to remain silent, that is after all a part of free speech.
You don't have to mourn for the dead in Paris.
You don't have to join us and condemn Islamic Terrorists.
You don't have to join us in the advocacy of secular Islam or engage in sharing ideas on how to make Islamism and radicalization seem as unattractive as possible the youth.
Your apathy, just fine.

But when you deny that Islamism and Islamist organizations like ISIS and others before it are not a Muslim problem.
Then we have a problem.
Terrorism is a problem for everyone, regardless of ethnicity, creed or religion.

Muslim reformers know this and try their hardest to advocate for an Islam that is personal, not political.
Ex-Muslims know this, all too well what would happen to us if Sharia becomes state law and thus do our best to warn others to not take this threat of Islamism lightly.
Secularists by principle advocate for separation of state and religion and knows that Islamism is a threat to religious freedoms.

And now everyone knows that ISIS and Islamism is a global problem and needs to be dealt with, not just with guns and air strikes, but through dialogues and ideas because you see, Islamism is an ideology, ideologies cannot be beaten by bullets and bombs, only good ideas destroy bad ideas and everyone especially the young vulnerable Muslims needs to know just how bad of an idea Islamism is.

ISIS and Islamism is a problem for everyone but you whose religion is being hijacked by fundamentalists who wish to impose global sharia on everyone of us have the gall to say that Islamism is not your problem? It makes me wonder what kind of mental gymnastics you have to do to disassociate. And how dare you dismantle the works done by your fellow Muslims who are advocating a reformation in Islam and everyone else.

When you say, ISIS is not a Muslim problem.
What you're saying is Islamism is not a Muslim problem.
The politicization of your religion is somehow not your problem?
This is what annoys people like us.

So, moderate Muslims, by all means remain silent, let those of us concerned work towards a better future for you and your children, you can enjoy the fruits of our labour, this isn't about recognition or vanity this is about humanity.
And you are more than welcome to join us in this collective effort and discussion.

Yours truly
A concerned Murtad.