Aiseyman! Local Ustaz says that establishing a Caliphate is no longer a religious requirement!

Ustaz Mohamed Ali

Responding to ISIS sympathiser Zulfikar Shariff calls for a Khilafah to be established in our region, Ustaz Mohamed Ali has clarified that it is no longer a religious requirement for Muslims to create an Islamic caliphate.

"Zaman ini terdapat kuasa negara 'nation state' dan zaman telah berubah kepada bentuk sekular atau sistem pemerintahan yang lain. Umat Islam sebenarnya sesuai pada setiap zaman pemerintahan. Kita boleh tinggal di mana sahaja di England atau di mana sahaja. Apa yang diperlukan oleh setiap orang Islam yang berpegang teguh kepada agama dan menyesuaikan diri dalam apa sahaja keadaan."

The emphasis here is that it is important to maintain our secular system of governance, where religious doctrines and regulations do not creep into the national policies that affect the daily lives of people who belong to various religious backgrounds. In fact, Islam and secularism is perfectly compatible because the Quran and Sunnahs only prescribes for the religious affairs of Muslims, but not for our worldly affairs. Islam also does not provide for provisions in forming a state, particularly modern states as we understand them now.

Only when we, as Muslims, start to embrace secularism, will the world be a better place without the brutality of inter-sect fighting and discrimination based on religion, gender, sexuality.