Aiseyman! ISIS sympathiser says that Singapore’s secular state needs to be replaced by an Islamic Caliphate!


In the wake of the violent attacks on France carried out by ISIS, sympathiser of the terror group and conservative Muslim activist Zulfikar Shariff has come out to say that the only way to minimise the conflict between Islam and the West is for the Khilafah to be re-established immediately, replacing our 'Western imposed' secular state.




So his peaceful solution is to replace a system of governance that is religion-neutral and ensures the rights of all regardless of race, language and religion with one that is governed through strict Sharia laws, where even minority Muslim denominations are discriminated against and killed off, much less people of other religion.

If the establishment of the Khilafah will put an end to the atrocities committed, why is there still senseless violence, rape, torture and killings against innocent Muslims in the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria? Instead, these tragic events should serve as a reminder of how Muslims (especially Muslims), non-Muslims and former Muslims should be open to debate about the tenets of Islam and its relevance to society now and in the future. Any religious beliefs is but mere ideology, as with democracy, communism, christianity - it deserves no special immunity against criticism and rational arguments.

As Muslims, we need to admit that the current extreme and fundamentalistic view of Islam is part of the problem as terrorists exploit such sympathies to their own selfish cause. And together, we need to not only admit the problem, but also come together so that extremist do not take advantage of our insecurities and weaknesses to inflict gratuitous violence to fellow mankind. Merely calling for a united state of Muslims will not solve the problem.