Aiseyman! Malays also discriminate against other races!


Who says that only the minority race suffers from discrimination and racism? Racism works both ways – even though we usually hear accounts of minorities at the receiving end of racism, it is true that they also discriminate against those who may be part of a racial majority.

I remember when I was in school, I used to play soccer with my Chinese classmates after class and then after that we will usually just hang out at a coffeeshop to just chill and relax. So I really hate it when my Malay friends see me with them and ask me why I always spend so much time with the Chinese. What's wrong with hanging out with them? To me, they are all my friends and the colour of their skin doesn't matter to me as long as we get along well. In fact, I should have asked my Malay friends why they only choose to hang out amongst themselves.

Not only friends, there was once when I casually told my cousin that I was interested in this Chinese girl at my poly, he actually made a snide remark like something to the extent of 'Why? Malay girls not good enough for you is it?' I was so pissed off by his comment that I refused to speak to him since. I can't believe that some people actually still have the backward mentality that Malays should only date or marry other Malays. I know that we hear more often of such instances where the Malay partner in the inter-racial relationship bears the brunt of such racist comments, but from my own experience, some people in our community are also guilty of perpetuating such racist attitudes.

I also notice that when me and my Chinese friend buy food from the Malay stall, my friend will either get a smaller portion or have to pay slightly more even when we order the same thing! So now whenever my Chinese friends want to eat Malay food, I will volunteer to help them order so they will not be shortchanged by the makcik.

Btw, I am Singaporean Malay.

The point of this post is to share that even though as a minority group, we suffer many forms of discrimination, but it doesn't mean that we ourselves are not racist. Only when we are aware of our racist tendencies and behaviour, can we try to stop the perpetuation of racism in society by beginning with ourselves.