Aiseyman! Hijab petition now gaining momentum again siol~

Aiseyman! This hijab issue is like a zombie siol~ Kena shot down with so many explanations still refuse to die.

Now, a group of people taking things offline and printing and giving out flyers at Mosques and encouraging others to take a selfie with it to post on social media. So garang siol~


But notice something funny? Many of those who are fervently pushing for the Hijab cause are males, who don't even need to wear the Hijab! Of course there are also female Muslim supporters, but logically shouldn't they outnumber the male supporters since they are the ones directly affected by it?


The ratio of male to female in this picture is 2:1

Or is this a case of chauvinism where these men are just imposing their own values and expressing what they want their women to wear and do?

Maybe if there are more female supporters will this issue be more convincing.