Aiseyman! Malaysian government provides financial support to Islamic terrorist groups!!


I did not want to get involved in the Najib donation controversy because it is more complicated than most people realize.There are also analysts who understand the 1MDB issue much better than I do. I defer to their expert analysis.

But I would like to just place one important matter in perspective. Political support (financial or non financial) is a common occurrence. The claim that a Middle Eastern country funded UMNO is not remarkable. I have discussed with Palestinian activists years ago who told me that Hamas leaders used to travel the Middle East and come back with US$50million-$250 million in cash. The money were all given personally to the person the donors trust.
Malaysia has also funded the Moro and Pattani movements with cash, weapons, training etc. While they do not (and cannot) announce such donations in public, Muslim states helping Muslim groups happen with regularity. It is not only expected, it should be welcomed.

Similarly, western states have funded liberal groups and political parties. Malaysian NGOs get funds from US and Europe to push for liberal ideas. The same with Singapore. The PAP gained power through the patronage of the British. I am unsure if this patronage includes financial support but they were supported by the British because the PAP's ideology suited the colonialists. ASEAN runs various programs financially supported by European foundations.

I know of a Malaysian opposition party whose leader was/ is known to have billions from undeclared funding. They use these funds for personal and party campaigns. The receipt of these donations is not illegal. The only point in dispute, as Muhyiddin Yasin asked in the leaked video, is why did it go into a personal account. That a donation was made by a middle eastern nation is not a big deal. The only question is about the account the donation was made into.

And for Singaporean Malays, let's not be arrogant in our criticism of Malaysian politics. No matter how much we criticise, they are bangsa berdaulat. And have supported Muslim groups in and out of Malaysia. Kita nak simpan janggut pun kena minta permission.


Source: Zulfikar Shariff