Kesian siol~ Gay Muslims are the most discriminated against in Singapore!

pinkdot gay muslim

Think about it. If you’re Muslim, and you're gay, chances are you are most likely to have a hard time in Singapore.


Although you call Singapore your home, your country doesn't trust you enough to safeguard your homeland.
Although you belong to a race which originally inhabited this island, you are now a minority in this society and looked down upon by other races.
Although you are pious in your Islamic faith, you are rejected, shunned and treated like outcasts by the very people who proclaim to be servants of Allah (swt).
Although you have family to call your own, you are afraid that your family cannot accept and love you for who you truely are.
Although you love like any human would, you are treated as a criminal for your sexual preferences and cannot openly express your love and affection for your partner.


Are Gay Muslims any less of a
Father? Brother? Uncle?

Are Gay Muslims any less of a person?

The feeling of being rejected by your country, society, religion, family and those around you is depressing and heartbreaking. Every human being wants to love, be loved, and accepted by their society and community. Even though as individuals, we may not be able to bring about radical changes to institutionalised racism or societal stereotypes, we can do our part to reach out to our friends and loved ones who may be going through a hard time with their sexuality and faith. Especially since the period of Ramadhan is near, let us open up our hearts and minds to acknowledge all those who identify themselves as Malay, Muslim and LGBT, as part of our community. Many of us may not understand them, some of us may not be able to reconcile our faith with them, a few may not be able to accept them. But at the very least, let us not throw sticks and stones or say words that will hurt, insult, shame or belittle them as fellow human beings.