Aiseyman! Religious man curses Muslims who attend Pink Dot to die while at the event!

How wicked and black-hearted it is for a someone to curse another person to death just because he will be attending an event in support of the LGBT community in Singapore? That’s exactly what Zulfikar Shariff did when he posted a warning issued by PERGAS for Muslims to avoid attending Pink Dot and added his own caption “And pray you do not die while at the event and have your last act recorded as a rebellion against Allah.”


Local playwright and gay activist Alfian Sa’at called him out on that and pointed out that it was unnecessary to wish death upon other Muslims who have the right to choose how they lead their lives. He also pointed out that PERGAS’ statement had set out their own position on the issue without adding words of condemnation.


Such behaviour by Zulfikar reeks of moral snobbery and a utter lack of respect for the rights of others. How is this different from Islamophobic bigots who discriminate Muslims because they ignorantly associate Islamic terrorism with all Muslims? One would have thought that being at the receiving end of being judged and discriminated against, Zulfikar would be more compassionate, or at least less vicious in his thoughts and words.

No one has the right to judge except Allah (swt), much less curse death upon others. Conservative Muslims are free to advice or guide others from harm and wrong doing, but they should not judge or condemn those who do not heed. You can lead a horse to water, but you can't force it to drink.


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  • Saycheese

    Its people like him that give Islam a bad name. Islam was at the forefront of scientific thought and mathematics but it has been sliding backwards. Its ironic that a religion that prizes learning keeps looking back to a golden age with all the age old prejudices against minorities and non believers.