Aiseyman! Racist Myanmar Minister says our soccer team is ‘adopted’ because they are Malay and not Chinese!

Even though our boys lost out to the Myanmar team 2-1 at the SEA Games football match, some Myanmarese including a high ranking Minister couldn't keep from making snide comments to put our boys down even more. Myanmar Minister for Information Ye Htut made this statement on his Facebook "Try to beat down the team with the all adopted players whose always rise hand up & asking the foul balls..."




What is he trying to say about our players when he calls them 'adopted'? He can't be referring to foreign-born players because our U23 team is comprised of all Singapore-born players. According to a Myanmarese source, he explained that many Myanmarese were hoping that their team will be playing against Chinese players because Singapore is a Chinese-majority country. So when they realised that our team is mostly made up of Malay players, their Minister thought that we had adopted our players! To put it another way, if Myanmar was up against Thai people from Thailand, he would not refer to them as 'adopted'.

Or it is because many of the Malays in Singapore are also Muslims? And we know how much the Myanmarese destest the Muslim Rohingyas in their own country that they would deny them of their Myanmar citizenship or even carry out genocide against them! Since they don't regard the Muslim Rohingyas as their own, do they also think that our Malay Muslims are adopted because like the Rohingyas, they don't belong to Singapore?

This not only shows how ignorant the Myanmarese Minister is, but he is downright racist! Singapore is a multi-racial society and the Malays have every right to represent our country in football or any other sport for that matter! In fact, it is the Malays, as compared to the other races, that have shown to have better apitude and talent for football, that is why many of them have been chosen to be on the national team! It is such an insult to us to say that our team is adopted!

The Myanmarese should not use their racist lens to judge other people in other countries. They are tainting the spirit of Sports which is supposed to bring people of all colour, creed and culture together. As Nelson Mandala once said “Sport has the power to change the world...It has the power to inspire, it has the power to unite people in a way that little else does.” The Myanmarese and their Minister would do well to keep these words in mind at their upcoming matches.


  • He's pea-brained

    He’s just a sore loser. No wonder his country is like that. You can’t just fix stupid, not even with duct tape.

  • Aung Kyaw Khant

    Hey stupid arseholes Singapornese …

    Try to use correct words when you are publishing in an international language.
    The people of Myanmar are call Myanmar (or) Burmese (as in ancient colonial times when Singapore was just a small fishing village)
    Just like Thailand, the people are call Thai. Not Thainese or Thailandnese. Using the word “Myanmarnese”, which was never existed before was a shame. A real big shame lah.. Try to study a bit more about the country if your schools never taught about your nearby countries.


    • Middle Finger To You

      So that is your argument? The OP used the term “Myanmarese”. That’s just weak.
      Come on you ignorant asshole.
      The OP was talking about how Ye Htut was being racist as he pointed that our players are so called “adopted”. If he hates the muslims, he can go and be like one of those “Terrorist Monks”.

    • haziq

      Dont want to learn about you as its not worth learning. We would be interested to know about Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines history but not myanmar. We detest racist countries. In fact, people I know wont even think twice about going there as tourists, because there is NOTHING fancy there.

      The last time when I had to do house inspections due to my job, I dread when I see on my inspection list an “Aung”, “Minn”, “Kyaw”, or whatever common names that you guys have. Generally I dont like the “aroma” of the house and the state of “cleanliness”.

      If you don’t bother to honour our soccer heroes, its ok. We have never learnt about you and never wanted to anyway, let alone honour the racist people there.

      Begging us to learn about you? Haha. Bitch please “Myanmarnese”..

      Please brush up on your english by the way.

      It’s atrocious.

    • Singapore-nese

      Myanmarese or Singaporese, understood is understood. Google it! Google Myanmarese. Go ask your parents to teach you now, don’t simply go around scolding people stupid or arseholes because of such monior issue.

      You are not a stupid arseholes since you are not Myanmarese.

    • Kc

      Look! A pot calling the kettle black. Before you go commenting on people’s english please correct your grammar. It is atrocious

    • jasman

      Fishing village that feeds ur countrymens ..bloody uncivilised moroon

    • Zack25

      Why not you tell that to your own “i DONT GIVE A SHYT TO WHO HE IS” person that called our players adopted, to go back school and learn History of Singapore.. and please Burmese, there is no Singaporenese also in the Dictionary, only Singaporean. Well, i just wasted 5mins of my time on these moron.. so please… Stop dwelling.. we lose to you gracefully.. but just wait ok.. its not even the final game.. Once you get the Champion title only then you can bark louder.. thanks! And Welcome to Singapore!!!!

    • X

      Goodness… Official English recognize Myanmarese to describe citizens of the Union of Myanmar.

      Says a lot about your level and intelligence and development of the place you come from. LOL.

    • Travis

      Aung Kyaw Khant, you were saying and I quote “Try to study a bit more about the country if your schools never taught about your nearby countries”. How about telling that to your minister who calls the malays in Singapore “adopted”? It’s funny how you would avoid the actual topic and blast us Singaporeans for not studying. Maybe you are the one who need to go back to school.

    • ur mother

      Seriously? After all that and your only comment was that he wrongly used ” myanmarnese”? He has went to school and has made an intelligent article, while you i believe, out of anger, refuse to accept what your minister has done, and instead looking for flaws in his argument. The crux of the matter is that your minister called our players ” adopted”. Wouldnt like it if we called your players ” adopted” also right?
      Cheers! 😀

    • Lala

      aung kyaw khant – Then you should study more abt singapore . Thankyou

    • Zul

      LOL! Here we were talking about how your minister is being a small-minded racist and you’re blabbering about how we should call your people.

    • Anonymous

      Singaporean *

    • Rozana arshad

      Out of all that was said you only got the Myanmarese? Oooh…. You’re so smart.

    • ten seven

      As you are a normal Burmese citizen, its easier to forgive your for your errors. A minister is a state official, hence he needs to get his facts right before he makes a statement. Singapore originally was inhabited by the ‘orang laut’ who are ethnically Malays. However, Singapore has evolved into a multi ethnic country eversince. If you look at the athletes from many countries, there are quite a number who are from bi racial ancestry. It is quite appalling that he has to undermine the purpose of the Sea games by playing the racial card when one of the purpose od rhw Sea games, apart from competition, is to promote friendship between Asean countries.

    • Aung Kyaw Cunt

      Hey Mr. Cunt,

      Your english is atrocious. The words we use to describe your people is recognized in google and other dictionaries. I don’t see Singapornese recognized any where. Are you trying to tell me you do not know how the international community is addressing the people of your country? You are such a disgrace and I feel sorry for my Burmese friends who by the way have nicer things to say about Singaporeans than you.

    • Ben Sifter

      Great command of English there Hung Your Cunt. Did I spell your name right?

  • Aung Tin

    Burmese people are traditionally nice, polite and peaceful natured.

    Nowadays their mind and soul are poisoned by religious fanaticism and racist mentality by the generals and extremist monks.

    We’ve to go very long way to get it right back.

  • mohamed izam

    Yeah.. They are always high on dope. That is their main source of revenue anyway. Do a test on them for drugs. Sure ‘sangkut’.

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  • craicart

    Hey bangang!!! We dont really care abt what you lot are call. Burmese, myammarest , communist or whatever. What we all noe dat u are bunch of racist idiots. Dont try to instigate things over here. We are multi racial community living in peace. Working ever so hard for our country and family. Stop being a nincompoop.

  • AZ

    To the racist myanmareses, we urge you not to come to Singapore to land your pitiful asses jobs. We don’t welcome unfriendly and uncivilised racist people.