Aiseyman! Conservative Christians and Muslims gang up against LGBT Community siol~

Wear White 3

Looks like this year, the LGBT Community will not be able to celebrate Pink Dot in peace as the same bunch of conservative religious folks are once again rallying their flock to wear white on 13 June 2015 and 18 June 2015. Besides wearing white, which is supposed to represent the purity and integrity of the institution of heterosexual marriage, they are also trying to counter the homosexual agenda of a lifestyle which is deemed unlawful and unnatural to the welfare of the family nucleus.

They treat homosexuality like a contagious disease which can be spread to unsuspecting straight victims, infecting heterosexual couples and breaking up their marriage and family if it's not treated in time. It is as if homosexuality is so powerful that it is more imperative to deal with this family wrecker than adultery, drugs, gambling, alcoholism, all put together.

Actually, maybe homosexuality is really quite powerful. Just look at how the Christians and Muslims have managed to put aside their differences to come together and whip a LGBT whipping boy, isn't it a formidable feat which no other peace organisation has managed to achieve? Instead of being so antagonistic towards the LGBT community, Christians and Muslims should thank them for marrying 2 religions which have been at loggerheads with each other for centuries!