Trainee teacher should abandon her bumi-mentality and take responsibility for her own failures!


Aiseyman! MOE-sponsored trainee teacher fails her teaching practicum twice and still has the cheek to expect MOE to waive off her $76, 000 bond?
This can only be a Truly Asia bumiputera mentality...

And in true bumi-style, she is blaming everyone but herself for her failure. Her father claims that she is a diligent student, yet she failed her first teaching practicum. When she did even worse for her second practicum, she blamed it in the lack of proper coaching, lack of face-to-face review sessions, thrown into the deepest section of the pool, etc...everything but her own lack of effort and hardwork. She even dare to suspect MOE for planning to fail her instead of helping her earn her certificate!

Why is she so special that MOE must help her earn her certificate? Isn't it enough that they are already helping to pay for her education and offering her an eventual teaching position? MOE was even gracious enough to allow her another chance to retake her practicum. All that she needs to do is pass and graduate from her course so that she can serve her bond as a teacher. Since she didn't hold her end of the deal, it is only natural for her to pay back the bond money. Others who have failed their course or broken their bond also had to pay back the money. No special treatment should be given to her.

This is yet another instance, of so many others, where some people of the Malay Muslim community have the mentality that they should be on the receiving end of things without having to work too hard for it. But when they don't get what they want, they blame everybody but themselves and even resort to belittling the efforts and achievements of those who have made it in life by attributing their success to connections and wealth. This is the sort of mentality that is weighing down our community and we cannot keep it up! In our meritocratic society, if we want something and work hard to prove our worth, we will be successful. There are so many examples of successful Malay Muslims in our community who got to where they are now because of their hard work and determination instead of relying on others to give them a leg up.