Blacklisted German ‘Beggar’ Takes Muslim Name, Thinks It’ll Help Him Return Thailand To Continue His Antics

Since getting married in Africa a few months ago, notorious big-legged beggar Benjamin Holst has converted to his wife’s Muslim religion. With that change, came a new name to match his new faith — Benjamin Mohamed Drammeh. The moniker is listed on his Facebook page with the message “Get used to my new name.” The serial beggar, who shows off

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Amazing! This Mosque Looks Like it’s From Another Planet

This Mosque looks like it’s from another planet but in fact, it’s located in Qatar’s Education City. From outside it looks like as if it’s a space ship which has just landed. And its minarets rise high into the air slanted towards Makkah – the direction of prayer for Muslims worldwide. Photo: Qatar Foundation The courtyard in the centre of the Masjid

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Islamic Preacher: Beardless men cause ‘indecent thoughts’


Turkish Islamic preacher says men without beards cause ‘indecent thoughts’ in other men because they look like women. Islamic speaker Murat Bayaral spoke on TV show Fatih Medreseleri this weekend (Dec 2017), slamming men without beards. Bayaral said: ‘Men should grow beards. One of the two body parts that separate men from women is the beard,’ according to Hurriyet Daily

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Why are some Malay Muslims so judgmental and derisive to non-conforming members of the community?


I am Malay and nominally Muslim, and while I adhere to certain tenets of the religion, primarily those that I find make sense, I have found myself drifting further away from the religion by the constant badgering of certain family members about how I always am not, in their eyes, being the best Muslim I can be. I do not

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Confession: I’ve stopped believing in Islam 2 years ago


Ok I don’t know how to make a good opening to this, but I’ve stopped being a believer for a while and have been drinking, smoking, eating pork two years ago. I’ve always hated the idea of God and never believed him but for my parents and grandparents, I pretended to. I never saw any of the things people say

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Holding Hands, Drinking Wine And Other Ways To Go To Jail In Dubai

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — A Scottish electrician named Jamie Harron, visiting Dubai as a tourist, was sentenced to three months in jail for touching a man in a bar. The British head of a professional soccer team, David Haigh, was ordered jailed for seven months for a tweet that he says could not have been from him — since

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S’pore Berita Harian Under Fire Over Muslim Cleric’s Column That Suggests Spousal Abuse For Dealing With ‘Stubborn Wives’

One of Singapore’s mainstream newspapers has come under fire for running a column by a conservative Muslim cleric that advises men on how to deal with a stubborn wife by beating her. “How to deal with stubborn wives, ” the original column in the main Malay language paper, Berita Harian, by Ustaz Mohammad Zaid Isahak also recommended gentle reasoning  or

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Aiseyman! Cowards Block Attempt By Activists To Achieve Equal Rights For All S’pore Women

  Hello Editor SCWO’s immediate past President Malathi Das and SCWO now President June Goh worked tirelessly to ensure the success and release of this report. This Cedaw report is inclusive and emcompasses universal values that we humans should embrace. These ladies achieved what nobody has ever done before, to fight for real change, to fight inequalities faced by Spore

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